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Questions about Bid:

1.  The market basket multiplies out Projected Annual cost by usage and case price.  If our pack size is different, then it would change usage.  How would you like for us to make sure the projected annual cost is accurate if this occurs?  Can we add a column if needed to have usage based on our pack size?

Answer:  Yes you can add a column.

2.  On page 14, it states that all items under the prime vendor agreement will be at the bidders cost plus only one of the following fixed fees.  Does the fixed fee include items on the bid as well or can they be marked with a separate fixed fee?

Answer:  Same fixed fee

3.  Does the mark up have to be a dollar amount or a percentage?

Answer:  Fixed dollar amount

4.  Beef Crumbles and Beef Patties are NOI.  Please clarify if the NOI commodity expectations are for these products. 

Answer:  Yes they are NOI.  Although, we may run out of commodity dollars before the end of the school year and we will need to purchase them at bid pricing.

5.  Can you please send the Debarment and Bryd Anti Lobbying forms to sign.  What about the Anti Kick Back Act?

Answer:  Yes, I will send them and the Anti Kick Back, just read and make sure you understand and check off on the list.